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* "Prison Profiteers" (2008) published by Prison Legal News (includes a chapter I wrote on the private prison transportation industry): http://www.prisonlegalnews.org/104_ProductDetails.aspx

* "Capitalistic Punishment" (2003) by Human Rights Internet (includes a chapter I wrote on privatized juvenile facilities): http://www.bookmasters.com/clarity/b0020.htm

* "Merchandising Prisoners" by Byron Eugene Price (2006)

* "The Perpetual Prison Machine" by Joel Dyer (2000)


* Prison Privatisation Report International (PPRI), based in the U.K., is an excellent resource for international news on prison privatization. http://www.psiru.org/ppri.asp

* AFSME operates the Corrections United project, which opposes prison privatization; they have numerous links to articles and other research: http://www.afscme.org/workers/67.cfm

* Citizens Against Private Prisons (CAPP) is a good Canadian-based resource, although they haven't updated their news reports in quite some time. www.capp.50megs.com/

* CUSA is a correctional officer advocacy organization that, while not a union itself, is largely composed of organized labor groups or affiliates: www.cusa.org

* A site devoted to news about CCA (mostly business news, but it also includes other prison-related topics): www.topix.net/com/cxw

 * Not With Our Money sponsored a successful student-led campaign to get Sodexho-Marriott to disinvest from CCA in 2001. They are now organizing students to protest financial institutions that underwrite private prison, specifically Lehman Brothers (which also does business with many colleges and universities). The following article as details: http://www.campusprogress.org/tools/924/prison-for-profit-loses-its-appeal


* Eric Bates' article for The Nation, published Jan. 5, 1998 (provides good background info; I'm quoted and faced retaliation for contributing). He also wrote a follow-up article in June 1999: http://agitprop.org.au/stopnato/20000711prisonatus.php and http://www.thenation.com/doc/19990607/bates

* Christian Parenti's 1999 article on the private prison industry is also instructive: http://www.corpwatch.org/article.php?id=852

Good article on CCA’s disastrous attempt to operate the Youngstown, OH facility: http://www.motherjones.com/news/feature/2000/05/steeltown.html


There is a wealth of research regarding private prisons -- mostly government-sponsored studies of the cost effectiveness of privatization. Some of these studies and reports are compiled on PCI's website:


Also see:


NOTE: Studies by former Prof. Charles Thomas have to be read in the context that he received payments from private prison companies (including a $3 million payment from CCA/Prison Realty Trust) while he was conducting supposedly independent research into the industry. Also, research by the Reason Public Policy Institute (RPPI), the Reason Foundation and Foundation spokesman Dr. Charles H. Logan is suspect, as the Reason Foundation has also received funding from the private prison industry.

* For information on former Prof. Charles Thomas, a private prison researcher with links to CCA who was found guilty of ethics violations, please review the following link. PCI Director Ken Kopczynski wrote a book on how he almost single-handedly took down Charles Thomas. Mr. Thomas still provides research concerning the private prison industry, as many policy makers are unaware of his past. See: http://paulsjusticepage.com/crimepays/conflict.htm