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Tennessee Report on deaths and press conference July 11, 2019

Private Prison Companies CoreCivic and GEO Group Successfully Oppose Shareholder Resolutions Against Housing Separated Immigrant Children and Parents Mar, 20 2019

Ferguson Sues Operator of the Northwest Detention Center for Wage Violations Sep 26, 2017

Civil & Human Rights Groups Tell DHS: Stop Detaining Immigrants in Private Prisons Indictment
September, 17 2016

Publisher Settles Censorship Suit Against For-Profit Prison Company GEO Group in Indiana
Human Rights Defense Center Press release Sept 10, 2015

Temple University acts on ethics complaint filed against authors of private prison study HRDC joint press release re Temple complaint resolved 2014

Temple University Response Letter To Alex Friedman, July 2, 2014

Arizona lawmaker behind $900.000 giveaway in taxpayer funds to private prison company received campaign donations from same firm HRDC AFSC joint press release re GEO giveaway Mar 31, 2014C AFSC joint press release re GEO giveaway Mar 31, 2014

GEO: SEC excludes shareholder resolution:  PCI Press Release February 2014