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American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
AFSCME Corrections United is a valuable resource in the fight against for-profit private prison.  Great resources.

Citizens Against Private Prisons
Based in Canada, NPJ is fighting hard against efforts to privatize prisons and jails in Canada.  Great resources.

Communications Workers of America
CWA's Public Safety Division is committed to defeating for-profit private prisons.

Corrections and Criminal Justice Campaign
Dedicated to advance the mission and status of correctional officer's professionalism.

Corrections USA
Good site with lots of information.

DBA Press: Great resource for information and cutting edge investigative reporting.

In the Public Interest
The resource center contains case studies, research, government reports, news and commentary, sample policy and legislation, and many other useful materials.

Prison Privatization Report International
Another wonderful site full of useful information based in the UK.  Covers the international scene prior to 2007.

Texas Prison Bid'ness
Launched in March 2007, Texas Prison Bid'ness is posting information about the growing prison-for-profit industry in Texas. Great site.