Correctional Services Inc. Rap Sheet

Recent Events

San Miguel County Jail, San Miguel, New Mexico
A walkout by 11 detention officers and an anonymous note from an inmate warning of violence and destruction on Wednesday led to a shutdown at the San Miguel County Jail.  Specially trained officers from the State Police and Corrections Department, called in by jail administrator Patrick W. Snedeker, marched into the jail a few minutes before 5 p.m. By 8 p.m., they had found several metal shanks and some wooden ones, and identified six inmates who will be shipped to the Northern New Mexico Correctional Facility outside Santa Fe.  Snedeker, the jail's warden for the few weeks since San Miguel County ended its relationship with private jail operator Correctional Systems Inc., said changes in the jail's operations probably brought problems to the surface.  "We've had some challenges," Snedeker said. "Transition and change often affect people that way."  Earlier in the week, three officers quit because they were assigned to supervise inmate crews in roadside cleanup, Snedeker said. The 11 who left on Wednesday didn't state specific reasons, he said.  Besides the handmade weapons, State Police and Department of Corrections officers found a cell wall that had been damaged in what is thought to have been an escape attempt. Snedeker said that last weekend three inmates were discovered with part of a metal door frame and were attempting to damage a ceiling.  As the county began managing its jail again a few weeks ago, new procedures were put in place to familiarize each officer with every unit and work station, Snedeker said. As those changes began, some officers weren't happy, he said.  (ABQ Journal, July 29, 2004)

Seal Beach City Jail, Seal Beach City, California
August 20, 2005 News-Herald
The defendants in the murder of former Mentor woman Jackie Hawks and her husband, Tom, face charges in another murder plot, according to the Orange County District Attorney's Office in California. Skylar DeLeon, 26, and his wife, Jennifer, 24, along with Skylar DeLeon's cousin, Michael William Lewis Jr., 24, of Arizona, face charges in connection with the death of 45-year-old John Jarvi in December, according to a statement released Friday by Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas. Skylar DeLeon is accused of murdering Jarvi, and Jennifer DeLeon and Lewis are accused of helping him conceal the murder, the statement says. All three were charged Thursday, court records state. Investigators accuse Skylar of stealing $50,000 from Jarvi, whom he met in 2003 while the men were on a work furlough program at a private jail in Seal Beach, Calif., the statement says. Prosecutors say that at the time, Skylar was unemployed and supporting his pregnant wife, and the two were heavily in debt.

Past Events

Seal Beach City Jail, Seal Beach City, California
August 30, 2001
Two fired guards were indicted Wednesday for allegedly orchestrating a fight between two inmates at the Seal Beach City Jail, prompting the city to review its ties to the private company that operates the facility.  The former guards, who worked for Correctional Systems Inc. before being fired, are accused by a federal grand jury of arranging and concealing an attack on a drunken inmate who was singing boisterously in the jail's detoxification cell.  According to the U.S. attorney's office, one of the officers allegedly goaded the attacker before escorting him into the detoxification cell for the beating.  The second guard allegedly helped cover up the incident, which left 28-year-old Arrow Stowers of Huntington Beach badly bruised and bloodied.  The motive for the June 21 attack, prosecutors said, was to quiet down Stowers.  CSI's management of the jail has been an issue in the past, including lawsuits saying guards did not properly respond to the medical problems of two inmates who died there.  The company came under scrutiny in 1996 after an inmate at the Seal Beach jail said his fellow inmates regularly smoked marijuana and drank alcohol in view of guards.  Those allegations prompted police and company officials to search the facility, but no drugs or alcohol were discovered.  Other cities that have contracted with CSI have reported problems.  Hawthorne police canceled their pact with CSI last year after 18 months and retook control of the jail.  "The biggest issue with CSI was they didn't have sufficient guards to handle our jail... They would have them work as long as 18 hours, so the guards were unhappy and we were unhappy," said Hawthorne Police Capt. Richard Prentice.  "But we didn't have any problems like this; never did we have any indication they were abusive to prisoners."  In addition, the company has been hit with two wrongful-death lawsuits since 1999 related to the two inmate deaths at the Seal Beach jail.  The company was accused in each case of failing to protect inmates admitted with medical problems.  One lawsuit was settled and the other is pending, said attorney Timothy Ryan, who represented family members in both cases.  (Los Angeles Times)


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