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Baghdad International Airport
Baghdad, Iraq
September 10, 2005 NY Times
The private security company that guards Baghdad International Airport shut down the airport on Friday, saying it had not been paid for the past six months. But the company, Global Strategies Group, announced early Saturday that it had agreed to reopen the airport on Saturday morning after a promise by the Iraqi government to pay half the amount owed. The shutdown on Friday nearly led to a standoff between American military forces and Iraqi soldiers when United States forces rushed to the airport to prevent Iraqi troops from taking it over, according to Iraqi officials and the security company. After Global Strategies closed the airport at dawn on Friday, infuriated Iraqi ministry officials dispatched their own troops to secure the airport. But the Iraqis turned back to avoid a confrontation with American soldiers who had already hurried to the airport from their nearby base, according to Iraqi officials and Global Strategies. Global Strategies has offices in London; Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates; and Washington.
The company shut down the airport for 48 hours in June over the nonpayment, he said, but went back on the job after assurances of a resolution. He said the airport could be reopened for civilian passengers by 8 a.m. Saturday.

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