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Peace River Outward Bound Juvenile Rehab Center
Arcadia, Florida

September 27, 2006 Sun-Herald
A mental health counselor described as "tremendously professional" has been charged with molesting a 3-year-old girl. Assistant State Attorney Cliff Ramey said Tuesday he has filed a formal charge of sexual battery by a person over 18 on a child less than 12 years old against Demetrius D. Washington, 39, of 308 13th Ave., Arcadia. It's a capital offense punishable by life in prison. Washington, a licensed mental health counselor, worked as a therapist at the Peace River Outward Bound juvenile rehabilitation center in DeSoto County for the past year, according to Dale Thompson, clinical director of PsyCare, a Bradenton-based mental health services provider. PsyCare has suspended Washington pending trial. PsyCare has a contract with the Department of Juvenile Justice to provide counseling at Outward Bound.

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