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American Services Group 2009 (Prison Health Services parent):
Richard Hallworth, President and CEO: $500,000
Michael W. Taylor: VP and CFO: $385,000
Lawrence H. Pomeroy: Senior VP and CDO: $268,148
Carl J. Keldie: Corp Medical Dir PHS: $340,684

James Saffle, President: $142,000.
Donald Smith, Chief Executive Officer: $214,000.

Kenneth Bouldin, Executive VP and Chief Development Officer: $1,157,604 ($307,673 salary plus stock options, etc. 2006).
Brian D. Collins, Executive Vice President, $1,505,146 (2011).
John Ferguson, Board Chair, $1,734,793 (2011)
Anthony L. Grande, Executive Vice President, $1,735,039 (2011).
Damon T. Hininger, CEO: $3,696,798 (2011).
Irving E. Lingo, Jr., Executive VP, CFO and Assistant Secretary: $1,215,207 ($204,372 salary, and stock options, etc. (2006) as well as customary benefits, including a bonus pursuant to the Company's cash compensation incentive plan, life and health insurance, and reimbursement for membership fees in connection with Mr. Lingo's membership in professional and civic organizations which are approved in advance by the Company. (January 2005)
Todd Mullenger, CFO: $1,835,048 (2011).
Gus Puryear, IV, Executive VP, General Counsel, and Secretary: $840,265 ($237,308 salary and stock options, etc. (2006).
James A. Seaton, Chief Operating Officer: $281,030 salary, $260,537 bonus (2003).
Richard P. Seiter, Special Assistant, $1,845,566 (2011).

Thomas C. Rapone, Chief Operating Officer: $197,276 (2003).
James Slattery, Chief Executive Officer: $403,568 ($319,768 salary, $83,800 bonus) (2003).
Bernard Wagner, Chief Financial Officer: $201,157 ($154,807 salary, $46,350 bonus) (2003).

John Hendrix, Consultant: $204,000 salary, $371,000 stock options (2004).
James E. Hyman, Chief Executive Officer: $475,000 plus $165,000 signing bonus. Issuance of restricted shares of common stock as follows: (i) 25,000 shares of restricted stock that would vest only if Mr. Hyman remains employed by the Company on the third anniversary of his employment date, (ii) 30,000 shares of restricted stock that would vest only if the Company achieves a certain future stock price, and (iii) 30,000 shares of restricted stock that would vest only if the Company achieves certain future earnings per share. Issuance of stock options to purchase 50,000 shares of common stock to Mr. Hyman upon commencement of his employment, which would vest on a pro-rata basis over 5 years.
Thomas Jenkins, Chief Operating Officer: $288,000 (2004).
Patrick Perrin, Chief Administrative Officer: $168,000 (2004).
Mark Thompson, Sr VP, $149,000 (2004).
Mark S. Croft, General Counsel/Corporate Secretary: $190,000 (2005) plus cash bonus of 30% and 10,000 shares stock options.

Correctional Properties Trust (GEO):
Charles Jones, Chief Executive Officer: $472,000 salary, $141,000 stock options (2004).
David Obernesser, Chief Accounting Officer: $180,000 salary (2004).

GEO Group:
Carol M. Brown, Sr VP Health Services: $404,515 ($265,256 salary, $139,259 bonus) (2003).
John Bulfin, Sr VP, General Counsel: $1,168,003 (2011).
Wayne Calabrese, Chief Operating Officer: $1,340,000 salary, $288,000 stock options (2004).
Jorge Dominicis, Sr VP, $1,367,718 (2011).
Brian Evans, CFO, $1,390,367 (2011).
John Hurley, Sr VP: $1,513,955 (2011).
Donald H. Keens, Sr VP International Services:  $370,089 ($242,681 salary, $127,408 bonus) (2003).
John O'Rourke, Chief Financial Officer: $527,000 salary, $252,000 stock options (2004).
George Zoley, Chief Executive Officer: $5,734,949 (2011).

Psychiatric Solutions Inc:

Joey A. Jacobs, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, $4,273,068 ($ 890,865 salary) (2006)
William B. Rutherford, Chief Operating Officer, $1,130,191 ($315,385 salary) (2006)
Jack E. Polson, Executive Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer, $1,181,171 ($340,625 salary) (2006)
Brent Turner, Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration, $1,186,499 ($340,625 salary) (2006)
Christopher L. Howard, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, $860,738 ($333,333 salary) (2006)