Private Corrections Institute, Inc.

November 22, 2002
British architects HLM design are to work with a Sodexho-led consortium to design, construct and maintain three semi-private prisons in Santiago, Chile.  Under the model, HLM and the Sodexho-led consortium will design, finance and build the prison, and operate all support services within it.  But the Chilean government's gendermeria will employ the prison officers and manage all custodial services in the facilities.  Chile's programme of ten semi-private prisons is based on the French model, which Sodexho has been involved with for over a decade.   Though Chile has emerged as the trail-blazer of the semiprivate model for prisons, the State of Mexico, the largest providence in the country, is also working on four private prison schemes with the same split-management approach.  The federal government of Mexico is keen to use prisons as a test case for wider private involvement in public infrastructure, such as hospitals and schools.  (Public Private Finance)

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