July 21, 2005 Bakersfield
KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) - Two U.S. teenagers who fled a treatment center for troubled youths in southwestern Jamaica as Hurricane Emily sideswiped the island have been found, the center's director said Wednesday.  Tyler Stout, 16, of Texas, and Christopher John Chuchua, 18, of California, ran away Saturday night from the Tranquility Bay boarding school in the seaside town of Calabash Bay, about 90 miles (144 kilometers) west of Kingston.  The school is a large, gated compounded with bars on the windows and security guards at the entrance. It opened in 1997 and has about 200 students, mostly from the United States.  Reports that some youths were being abused prompted authorities to shut down a WWASPS-run school in Mexico last year. Similar complaints were made against another WWASPS-run school in Costa Rica, which was forced to close in 2003 after two student rebellions.